April 05, 2013

Help for the families Medić and Vasić

Report: SFS Belgrade  /Bills for family Medić/  /Bills for family Vasić/
On Wednesday, March 27, a three-member team of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade went to Vršac, in order to deliver help for two endangered families, Vasić and Medić. This action of help has been organized by our donors from Milwaukee, who collected money for the families Medić, Vasić and Todorović (from Smederevska Palanka), in the total amount of $600.
We first visited family Vasić, to whom we donated water heater, supplies for painting, glass for the windows, a bed and some food. All the children welcomed us in the house.

The youngest Mladen talked about his football career, for which we wish him all the best.

After that, we went to visit family Medić, who also lives in Vršac.

We decided to get them a combined stove and a bed. Mother Snežana accompanied us in shopping, while the rest of the family members were at home.

After spending some time with them, we went back to Belgrade. We arrived around 19 o’clock and went to the parochial home of the Church of the Ascension for the promotion of the CD of “Đurđevi stupovi”.

We want to use this opportunity to express the gratitude to our donors from Milwaukee, and to our regular donors worldwide, without whom this action of our organization wouldn’t be possible.
Children are our future!
With faith in God
Serbs for Serbs Belgrade

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