December 16, 2011

Help for the families Kesar and Zdjelar

Report: Frends from Prijedor /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/
On Friday and Saturday, 2nd and 3rd of December 2011, we have visited two families near Prijedor, family Kesar from the Jutrogošte village, whom we have helped twice before, and family Zdjelar from the village Petrovo, in our first visit to them.
We visited the Kesar family first. They welcomed us as always. The washing machine we provided in our second donation is working well. We found out that the oldest daughter Dragica was married, and that she went to another village.
Given the fact that it was our third visit to this family, we decided to get them only elementary groceries, to help them get through the winter, and to have less worries during the New Year and Christmas holidays. We spent 199,45 KM in the action.
We use this opportunity to thank the brotherhood of the Klisina monastery, who joined the action by donating icons, calendars, and the books of the Orthodox thematic.
The following day we went to the village Petrovo. It is the village where the Marjanović family lives. Although we have visited them frequently, we didn't notice a shed on the meadow. We thought it was a meadow, until our friends told us it was actually the home of the Zdjelar family.
The family consists of the parents Mićo and Milena and five children. Milena has three children from her previous marriage – sons Željko (17), Dragan (9) and a daughter Dragana (5), and she has two more children with Mićo – a daughter Željka (1,5), and a son Miroslav who was born recently.
The only income the family has is from Mićo's wage. He is working in the forest, but it is not a permanent solution. He is not having problems working, but there is not enough jobs. The biggest problem of the family is related to the accommodation, because a seven-member family lives in about 10m2. This is a family in the most difficult condition we visited so far. They sleep in two beds. The house is made of wood, and covered with nylon, which makes an isolation. They have electricity in the house, but they must go to the well to get water. The hygiene of the family is on a low level, which worried us most.
We bought great amount of groceries and the hygiene in the amount of 530 KM, and we hope it will be enough for most part of the winter.
Like the previous times, the action was supported by the „Butchery Bojić“ and the store „Tadić“ from Prijedor, who have donated large amount of meat and fruit, and we use this opportunity to thank them again. We must mention that the television team of the Radio Television of Republic of Srpska joined us in the action for the first time. They have recorded the action, and we expect a reportage soon.
With faith in God!
Friends from Prijedor

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