September 14, 2011

Help for Serbian family from Illinois


Approximately a week ago we were informed about the Uzelac family who lives in Round Lake Beach, Illinois.Husband Milan who suffered two heart attacks and also has brutal diabetes is incapacitated and unable to work to provide basic needs for his family.His wife Danica is also suffering a serious condition and is currently undergoing treatment for tumors. Their 17 year old son David who attends high school worked in the past to help support his family but is no longer employed due to the economic crisis. Still he tries to help his parents as much as he can. After hearing that the family had been living without gas for two months and lack the resources to acquire basic supplies for hygiene such as soap and toothpaste we knew we had to take action. After determining the family was in dire need of help our board decided to help the family and fund this action on its own.

On Sunday Sept 13, after attending Divine Liturgy in Monastery New Gracanica we visited the Uzelac family at their home. We were kindly welcomed by the family who was in high spirits to see us. We spoke with the family and assessed their current situation to determine what would be the best approach to help them. We learned that family had been struggling for the past two years when Milan’s health has declined. Since winter is fast approaching we knew it was important for the family to get their gas back on to keep them warm in the winter and have hot water. We called the gas company directly and made a payment of $308.00 to have their gas turned back on. When the family was informed that their gas would be turned on in couple of days they could not believe it. Danica was in tears and the entire family was extremely grateful. We also donated clothing, hygiene supplies and some dishes to the family.  In addition we provided them with information on how to become permanent U.S residents so that they may become eligible for more governmental aid that may help them improve their lives and help them get back on their feet. We feel bless to have been able to help this Serbian family who truly lives in hardship.


Zelimirka Krsmanovic

September 13, 2011

Chicago, Illinois



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