April 30, 2013

Help for Obradovic family in Raska

After the appeal from the friends of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Novi Pazar, we delivered urgent help to the four-member family Obradovic from the village Banjka near Raska, which consisted in two sheep and two lambs, in the total value of 29.000 dinars. The family has somehow managed to survive until recently, but after the heavy injury of the father on his left hand, the children and the parents are almost always hungry.

Their situation is so bad, that they don't even have a kitchen table. The humble help we delivered them will help them temporarily. Due to the enormous needs of the family Obradovic for a normal life, we call upon the donors and good people worldwide to contact our organization, so that the additional help could arrive directly to the family in Raska. Contact us on c3c.org@gmail.com.

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