August 13, 2015

Help for four families in Sabac

Representatives of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS visited four socially disadvantaged multiple children families near Sabac to which it provided household furniture and livestock in the previous period. The help was delivered to families: Gligoric (seven children), Simic (four children), Pajic (six children) and Krsmic (four children). The total value of the action was 112.647 dinars.


Family Gligoric in front of their home

Family Gligoric whom we visited first in the place Matijevac is consisted of father Milovan and mother Marina with seven children: Ivan (24), Igor (15), Jovan (14), Jovana (13), Milan (11), Bojan (10) and Bojana (7). We found them during the pause for breakfast during the tobacco harvest in the neighborhood. On this occasion we provided concentrate and chickens for family Gligoric whom we also helped in our previous action five years ago.

Stefan Simic with his mother next to new refrigerator

In Stitare we visited the family of Joka Simic whom we equipped the bathroom in the action of April this year. Joka is a single mother of four children: Ljubomir (14), Stefan (12) and twins Ivana and Ivan who are 10. We found the mother returning from harvesting blackberry for a wage. On this occasion we donated freezer to Simics.

Single father Sinisa Pajic with his children

The youngest member of Pajic family, Miljana, 4

The next family we visited was the family of single father Sinisa Pajic who is taking care of six children after his wife left him. The children are: Natalija (14), Aleksandra (11), Ivana (10), Bojana (9), Luka (8) and Miljana (4). The family is very modest and hard-working. It used to breed a dozen cows, but now they are on the edge of survival. Despite his great desire to work and provide better life for his children, the father cannot achieve that because he needs to take care of them daily. We provided a washing machine and made everyday Sinisa’s duties a bit easier, and concentrate and chickens so that the children have something to eat for a while.

Serbs for Serbs with Krsmic family

20 laying hens for family Krsmic

The last family is consisted of two sisters, both single mothers. Biljana Krsmic run away from her abusive husband with her minor son Nikola (17) and came to her sister Ljiljana Krsmic who has three children: twins Goran and Zoran (15) and daughter Divna (14). Since Biljana is seriously ill, all household and children duties fell on Ljiljana who is very hardworking. She is working for a wage daily trying to provide elementary means. Ljiljana wanted to breed animals, so we provided 2 pigs, a goat and 20 laying hens.

Luka Pajic thank donors throughout the world

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon all friends and donors of the organization to get involved in the action of collecting the means for helping these and other socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families.

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