October 23, 2014

Help for family Scepanovic near Niksic

Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Montenegro together with the brotherhood of the Ostrog monastary visited an eleven-member family Scepanovic form the village Ozrinici near Niksic. Parents Mihajlo and Anastasija are blessed with nine children: Vasilija (14), Lazar (10), Luka (8), Teodor (7), Stefanija (6), Magdalina (5), Nikola (4), Ana (2) and Aleksandra who turned 1 on August 20.

Mihajlo commenced building a house. They have electricity and sewerage system done, but they need additional help in order to be able to move into the house. They need the most construction material and carpentry, and afterwards furniture and appliances. They are currently renting in Niksic. The family plans to close the house and put pvc before the winter.

Mihajlo is a hard-working person, he has a flock of goats and sheep, and thus manages to sustain his family. His children are helping him around the flock. The host is also helping the Ostrog monastery.

Anastasija is pregnant with their tenth child. Therefore, we agreed with Mihajlo to speed up the works around the house so that the family could move in.

We call upon all the donors and people of good will to take part in the project of helping family Scepanovic.  

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