December 13, 2015

Help for family Milovanovic delivered

Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS successfully finished new charity action of helping the socially disadvantaged families. On this occasion, we delivered freezer, refrigerator, double-decker bed with mattresses and threeseater to the six-member family Milovanovic from the Senaj village near Mladenovac, who lives in truly difficult living conditions, of which we were assured during our first visit. Total value of the delivered help was 97.814 RSD. Father Sasa with his wife Valentina is raising three children: Biljana is nine years old and suffers from a mental illness, Bojana is a year younger, and the youngest child is Nikola, who is five and is everybody’s favorite. The means for this action were collected on the TROJKA IZ BLOKA tournament which took place on July, 31 in Mladenovac.
The house in which family Milovanovic lives (left part)

Grandma Snezana also lives with them, and she is their backbone in these difficult times, when they barely manage to make ends meet, enduring their cruel fate. They have no welfare, no child benefit, and no jobs. They do not have a fridge, or a stove and their electricity bill is over 30,000 Dinars. What is even worse, they are in bad relations with the uncle, with whom they live under the same roof.
Delivering help into the new Milovanovic home
Setting the new double-decker bed
Mother Valentina and grandmother Snezana with the representatives of the organization
New threeseater delivered into the children’s room

Refrigerator delivered to family Milovanovic
Old threeseaters thrown out of the children’s room
New freezer delivered and placed into the house
Old freezer in front of the house entrance
Difficult living conditions of family Milovanovic

Thanks to the delivered valuable help for family Milovanovic provided for by the organization SERBS FOR SERBS within the project TROJKA IZ BLOKA the family would be able to have more decent living conditions and it would be a motive for the parents to bring their children to the right path.

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