February 18, 2014

Help for family Malovic from Sokolac

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska delivered, within the Christmas action, a new help for family Malovic from Sokolac. The family consists of parents Drago and Kosa and their eleven children: Milkica (24), Nevena (23), who has a nine-month baby, Božidar (19), Vladan (17), Radan (14), Jelena (13), Ljiljana (11), Mihajlo (9), Zeljana (7), Sandra (6) and Marina (4). SfS provided a washing machine, wood-burning stove, footwear and some food in the amount of 1.411 KM.


Family Malovic moved into the new house, provided by the Ministry for family in cooperation with Sokolac municipality. The Ministry used to build such homes several years ago all over the Republic of Srpska for the mothers with four and more children. The houses are very good – on the lower floor there are a living room with kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. On the upper floor there are three bedrooms and another bathroom. The houses are finished both in the inside and on the outside.


During our visit, we met several children in the house. The old stove was very bad. There were no dishes nor the table in the kitchen.


In our conversation with the father, we agreed to provide a washing machine, a wood-burning stove, footwear, and some groceries.


Old wood-burning stove

New washing machine

New Alfa wood-burning stove

New footwear for the youngest

Groceries for family Malovic

Family Malovic, summer 2012.

We use this opportunity to thank our donor Mira from Sweeden, who provided a donation of 500 € for family Malovic.  

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