July 31, 2014

Help for family Djuric with nine children

The house of the eleven-member family Djuric in the village Lacarak near Sremska Mitrovica is full of joy and children's laughter. Mother Jovanka is 30 years old, and she is a housewife. Father Todor (37) is an unemployed mechanic. They have nine children, which makes them, according to their words the happiest and the poorest family in Lacarak. Todor emphasized it was important to be healthy and happy.

They live in a prefabricated house of 60m2 with their children: Cvija (12), Milos (11), Milan (10), Nemanja (9), Milica (8), Stefan (6), Mihajlo (4), Ognjen (3) and Uros (2). Five older ones go to school and to a local judo club. The family needs 8 loafs of bread and 4 l of milk every day.

Their income consist of 16.000 dinars of social benefit and 8.000 dinars of children benefit. They produce vegetables in the greenhouse for their needs. Since they received another two greenhouses from people of good will, they will be able to produce additional vegetables and sell it. Todor dug a well, and he will set the irrigation equipment. Former Red star football player Slobodan Skrbic provided the greenhouses and additional money (100.000 dinars) for the family with the help from his friends. The family used the money to buy a washing machine and a TV. Although an aunt from Germany occasionally helps the family, it is not enough. They need 240 loafs of bread per month, in the amount of 13.200 dinars, 120 l of milk, which is about 10.000 dinars, and 15 kg of laundry detergent which is over 2.000 dinars.

The family came into Lacarak from the village Avramovina near Gradacac in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They bought an old house in Lacarak and built a prefabricated one, but they don't have enough space in it now. There was no school in Avramovina for the children, and it was one of the reasons for moving to Lacarak.

Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the family at the begining of May, and agreed to help them in the extension of housing, by equiping two additional rooms in part of the old house. The money will be provided in the sport manifestation Trojka iz bloka, and additional money will be provided from the regular projects of helping the socially endangered families.  

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