April 18, 2013

Help for Klisura and Ćodo in R. Srpska

Report: SFS Pale   /BILLS/
At the beginning of April, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Pale visited and helped two families. In Čajniče we met the seven-member family Klisura, to whom we delivered groceries and hygiene. Another family we visited and helped was family Ćodo from Pale, whom we helped before. They also received groceries and hygiene. We spent 550 KM in the action.

In municipality Čajniče there are a lot of poor people, which is the reason why approximately 300-500 people leave the municipality each year, and go to neighboring countries, EU or Russia. A seven-member family Klisura was optimistic about their staying in Čajniče until father Ljubo, an only employed member of the family, found out he was no longer employed. Since that moment, the family struggles to survive. The family has children: Anđela (14), Aleksandar (12), Vanja (8), Sretenija (4) and Božidar (2).

They would like to provide a humble home for themselves. We delivered groceries and hygiene. The family owns a family estate, located about 13 km from the house. They would like to grow cattle and thus provide income. They asked us to deliver them a cow or sheep.

We also visited family Ćodo again, because they live in very difficult conditions. Despite the appeals to the representatives of the local community, and the efforts to provide elementary living conditions for the family, we were forced to buy groceries again, because the children were very hungry.

We hope that we will be able to resolve all the problems ahead of us, so God help us!  

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