November 14, 2014

Help for families in Krajina

The remaining part of the big Easter action of helping the Serbian families in Krajina had been succesfully delivered during September with the help of the priesthood of Serbian Orthodox Church. The planned help of our organization reached all the families in DalmacijaBasa, Tisma, Bojanic, Radulovic, Modrinic, Vujasinovic and Kalat. The total value of the action was € 14.000. The help we provided for the Serbs in Krajina is as follows:

A cow for the six-member family Basa

A tractor for family Tisma, which will help them in their agriculture business

Goats for family Bojanic

Construction material for family Radulovic for finishing the house

A cow for family Modrinic

Construction material for family Vujasinovic for the barn  

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