April 23, 2014

Help for families Djilas and Djakovic

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs provided help for two families in Krajina (Lika). We helped family Djilas from Srb, by providing blankets, food and hygiene packages, and food for the newborn. We also helped family Djakovic from Mogoric by donating a wood burning stove. The total amount of help was 600 EUR.

Apart from the parents, family Djilas consists of a newborn baby Bozidar and Mirjana (2), Sladjana (4), Miroslav (6), Stevan (7), Radmila (9), Milica (11) and Predrag (13). We have helped the family several times before, by providing a combined stove, double-decker beds, equiping the bathroom and providing groceries.

The other family we helped was family Djakovic from the village Mogoric. The members of the family are Ljiljana (10) and Milorad (8), their parents Radomir and Mirjana and a grandmother. Ljiljana and Milorad are the only children in the village. Their parents have cattle, and thus manage to sustain the family.  

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