February 05, 2015

Help for eastern Serbia delivered

Members of the Charity Organization “Serbs for Serbs”, together with the friends from “Stara Raska” organization and Serbian Orthodox eparchy of Banat, delivered five tons of food and provisions in several actions during November, in order to provide the village people of eastern Serbia with the support in tough times following the floods and landslides in Kladovo area.


Significant humanitarian aid in food and provisions was distributed to the people of Tekija and the surrounding villages of eastern Serbia. A great deal of that aid  was temporarily put in St Nikola church in Tekija. In spite of the terrible disaster which hit the village, Tekija church stood as a dam , protecting this peaceful village by the river Danube from the total destruction.

Our plan for the end of the year 2014 is to provide humanitarian aid for more people in the villages of eastern Serbia, for the families hit by recent floods.

During their visit to Tekija, members of the “Serbs for Serbs” organization met with the bishop Ilarion Timocki, the priests from Tekija and Kladovo, as well as the representatives of the International Orthodox Christian Charity organization, which also brought significant help to the Tekija people, by providing the construction material for the reparation of dozens of homes.

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