August 22, 2015

Help for Dunjic family from N. Pazar

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This summer, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped the five-member Dunjic family from Novi Pazar. The aid for this family consisted of windows and doors, to the total value of 73,001 Dinars. This was very important for them, because now they can finish their house. The single mother, Sladjana, and her four daughters, Dajana (7), Milica (6), Dusica (4), and Jelena (3) have a hard life, worsened by the tragedy of losing the head of the family, the husband and the father, in a traffic accident last year.

They have had lots of problems since then, but thanks to their closest relatives, neighbors and friends, they have managed to move on and continue with their lives. The mother, Sladjana, turned to faith and found big support in the Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery.

Life must go on, and children are our future. This specific aid, consisting of doors and windows, has a wider meaning – we give the children nicer view of the world and we open doors to a better and nicer future. They are growing up, surrounded by their mother’s love, and now they know there are good people throughout the world who are there for them through difficult times.

Pain this family has felt can be partly alleviated by time, eased by faith, and their life and future can be brightened by the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, together with proud donors from all around the world.

Dusica, Jelena, Dajana, and Milica Dunjic

Four beautiful girls now have a window open to the world full of good people, who will do a good thing for them in the future if necessary, as they did this time.

The single mother, Sladjana, gets big support from friends and relatives

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon all friends and donors of the organization to join our fundraising action to help this family and other socially disadvantaged Serbian families with multiple children.

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