January 19, 2011

Help delivered to little Darija

Charity organization SZS together with student fund "Osmeh na dar"  and friends from Belgrade and Kosovska Mitrovica gathered a small donation to help little Darija Antovic. She lives with her parents in Zvecan-Kosovo and Metohija.
Two year old Darija has cerebral palsy and she is currently in the process of recovering from it. The help from SZS organization consisted of gym mat, Pilate's ball, rocking horse, eye band aids, different toys and candy in the value of 4,800 dinars.

Our organization friends from Kosovska Mitrovica, have delivered this help few days ago. They also paid a visit to little Darija and talked with her parents. Her family is forever grateful for all of the help they have received and to the people of great will and open hearts. God willing, We are hoping that little Darija will soon fully recover.

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