August 30, 2016

Help arrived for family Jurisic from Pirot

In previous days, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs helped the six-member family Jurisic. Help for family Jurisic was collected by organizing the first tournament “Trojka iz bloka” in Pirot, held on July 30 at the Youth Stadium within the Pirot Cultural Summer where, with the help of many good people and sponsors – the City of Pirot, the House of Culture Pirot and JP Water Supply and Severage Pirot, we collected a total of 43,890 RSD. Family Jurisic lives in the village of Sopot, which is about ten kilometers from Pirot. The family of Zoran and Silvija has four children: Danijela (16), Danijel (14), Zorica (12) and Sinisa (10).

New tools for craftsman Zoran

New welding machine

As we reported earlier, at the time of our visit, family Jurisic was three months without electricity, but they had managed to pay debts for electricity in the previous period, after which it was turned on again.

Machines and an additional tool for the workshop

In this regard, it opened the possibility that in a makeshift garage, which the father Zoran made by himself with great difficulty, with the help of a single hammer and a saw, we could provide the family Jurisic with tools with which they could perform tin-paint works in that garage, in which father Zoran has a great experience, because he had worked on such jobs for ten years, while he lived in Krusevac.

The son Danijel and father Zoran in workshop

Therefore, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs bought a tool in the amount of 90,607 RSD, and thus enabled the family Jurisic to provide sufficient resources to enable their children a decent life with their work.

Tin-paint workshop Jurisic

As we were assured during our visit, for only a few days after our help, the family Jurisic’s job boosted. As they say, people have recognized their hard work, skill of father Zoran, and a new and professional tool that is provided to them in order to perform all types of these jobs in a professional manner.

Hard working host Zoran Jurisic

On this occasion, we extend gratitude of family Jurisic to all of our donors, participants of the project “Trojka iz bloka”, as well as the sponsors of the tournament in Pirot who contributed another Pirot family to get back on its feet.

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