February 11, 2013

Help arrived for family Antic

Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Nis visited and helped family Antic from the village Drenovac near Vranje on Saturday, February 2. The help we provided consisted in bying two beds (43,200 dinars), two comforters (3,980 dinars) and groceries (9,100 dinars). The help was provided by the members and donors of our organization from Switzerland. Further help for this family is also planned.
The village Drenovac is 15 km away from Vranje, in very inaccessible terrain. Only the special vehicle can reach it, and when it’s raining or snowing, it is almost impossible to get there. After two unsuccessful attempts due to snow, we used the nice weather and visited the family.
The conditions under which this family lives shocked us despite the fact that we met many difficult cases in our work so far. Father Novica and mother Dusanka live with their children Miljana (15), Aleksandar (14), Stefana (8) and Dimitrije (6) surrounded by conditions unworthy of people in the 21st century.
The condition is even more difficult due to the fact that the father has an alcohol problems, which he is trying to resolve, and that the mother has psychical problems, barely communicates and she is not capable of taking care of herself. All the burden of running the household are shared by Aleksandar and Miljana. Although they are very young, they are struggling to help their family.
Their situation is extremely difficult. Old and ruined house in which the family lives is not functional nor safe for life. There is only one „usable“ room in the house of about 15 m2, in which all of them live. The appearance resembles horror movies! The ceiling is in such bad condition that it can fall every moment, and the floor is made of dirt and boards above the basement, so there is a danger of falling through the floor.
Prior to our visit, all six of them were sleeping periodically in two old and practically useless beds, without comforters or blankets, wearing all the clothing in order to get some warm.
The family doesn’t have a bathroom nor the water in the house. Since thewellhas dried up, older children bring water every day from the spring which is about 500 meters away from the house. They are taking a bath in a trough, heating the water in the rusty pot on the old wood-burning stove.
Although they have plenty of land and the wood around the house, family Antic doesn’t have necessary mechanization and the equipment for farming. They don’t want to leave their house, despite our proposal to start an action and move them. They hope that they will manage to get the mechanization in order to provide decent life for themselves.
In order to arrive to school, the youngest members of the family need to go on foot for 45 minutes in a single direction. The difficult situation (because the family receives 9.200 dinars of social benefit) is even worse due to the fact that the oldest daughter Miljana needs to pay 3.000 dinars per month for the transportation to Vranje where she attends Agriculture high school.
The family has become known to the public through “Vesti online”, and a lot of people provided temporarily help. We managed to deliver a refrigerator, a gift from a donor from Switzerland. However, the family needs permanent solution that would change their lives.
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs will consider with the friends from Vranje, with whom we visited the family, and whom we thank, of the best way to help family Antic. We are considering building a new house, setting the prefabricated house, buying the tractor and mechanization, etc. We will soon commence the big action of gathering the means to help the Antic family, of which we will notify all our donors and the people of good will who wish to enable decent life to family Antic.

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