October 20, 2016

Greenhouse for the Vasić family from Kraljevo

Representatives of the Charity Oganisation Serbs for Serbs have visited seven-members family Vasić from the Vrdila village near Kraljevo on Saturday, October the 15th. They have been visited for the first time in the middle of July this year, and in the meantime, they’ve been given an aid including a greenhouse (30x8m), irrigation system for greenhouse and raspberry plantation, and also a water pump and expansive container for the house water supply have been purchased. It’s estimated that the Vasić’s will grow fruits, vegetables and flowers for personals use and for selling in their greenhouse. The total value of this aid is 563,753 RSD and resources have been secured by Church and school municipality “Gračanica” from Windsor, Canada and from people of Kraljevo, thanks to “Trojka iz bloka” tournament held in this city in May this year. http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/VasicKraljevo/vasic4.jpg The Vasić family in front of their new greenhouse in village Vrdile near Kraljevo We remind that family has consisted of parents Bogdan and Ana Marija and children Ognjen (20), Vasilisa (16), Petar (12), Stojan (9) and Momčilo (2). Bogdan is a sculptor, and Ana Marija is a painter. They have been born in Belgrade, but have together decided to leave the city and move to the village. That’s how they’ve arrived to the Vrdila village near Kraljevo where they have established a farm, where their children help them with the maintenance. Real little village idyll has been completed with turkeys, sheep and chicken, which they keep, so as plum, raspberries, onion, etc. http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/VasicKraljevo/vasic2.jpg This hard-working family filled us with positive energy and will for a future fight in the mission of helping families with many children all over the Balkan, We are especially happy because of their wish that, after they completely recover, they would like to help others through our organization, which is surely ideal to which we aspire! http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/VasicKraljevo/vasic5.jpg Greenhouse for the Vasić family is one of the projects that have been achieved thanks to 60.000 Canadian dollars that we’ve received from Church and school municipality Gračanica in Windsor, Canada. In the next few days expect new reports, and we are already preparing incoming projects for which we need your support! http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/VasicKraljevo/vasic3.jpg Children are our future!

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