June 04, 2015

Greenhouse for Krsmanovic family!

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS has carried out another big project of helping multiple children families in Serbia become financially independent, primarily thanks to donations made by members and friends of the organization SERBS FOR SERBS, GERMANY. On Wednesday, June 3, members of the organization visited the nine-member Krsmanovic family from the village of Zabrezje, near Obrenovac. The family received valuable donation, consisting of a greenhouse (dimensions 30m x 8m), with the complete irrigation system (including a drilled well on the farm), seeds (tomato), and all accompanying elements necessary for professional vegetable growing. The total value of this project is 719,797 RSD.

The look of the lot during our visit to Krsmanovic family before the greenhouse was put up

Greenhouse with tomato and pepper plantation at the beginning of June



As part of the project of putting up the greenhouse, a well was drilled, which is13 meters deep, where the water of good quality was found and it will serve for irrigating the greenhouse, but also for the needs of the entire household of this big family.

Goran Krsmanovic, talking to representatives of the organization


When the greenhouse was finished, 520 plants of tomatoes, received from the Fenek Monastery, were planted. There are different sorts: from Hilandar, Apple-shaped, Yellow, Black, Red and Yellow Cherry. There are also 180 plants of peppers planted. The complete plantation is organic, which will definitely result in the higher market price of the greenhouse products. The expected yields are about 5 tons of tomato.



Goran and Tanja have seven children: Teodora (13), Stefan (10), Djordje (8), Jovan (5), Filip (3), Andrej (2) and Anastasija (1), and soon they are to take a foster child into their home. This family deserves all the respect and admiration, and the parental love and sacrifice of Goran and Tanja can serve as an example to future young parents.

The Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS calls upon donors, members and friends of the organization worldwide to continue SUPPORTING OUR CHARITY WORK by making regular monthly donations, so we would be able to help more Serbian families throughout Serbia and the region and through economically viable projects, help families become independent of welfare support and be equal part of our society.

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