December 24, 2012

Greenhouse for family Stojanoviс

On Sunday, December 16, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited an eleven-member family Stojanovic from Vinoraca near Jagodina, consisting of father Goran, mother Jasmina, their seven children and Goran's parents. As we announced during the previous visit, we provided a greenhouse to this hard working family in the amount of 405,000 dinars. The greenhouse meets the highest standards in the agriculture, and we hope that the yieldwill be good, and that the family can improve their living conditions.
The greenhouse was set in the middle of November. Until February next year, the family needs 800 tomato seedlings in order to start producing in the new greenhouse. We use this opportunity to send an appeal to the city authorities in Jagodina to help us provide the seedlings, and thus support this family, which is an example of fight against the white plague.
Since the greenhouse was set until our visit, Goran made another, smaller greenhouse, which will serve as a place for seedlings, and cauldron for heating of the big greenhouse. Thus the Stojanovic family will be able to use the greenhouse all year long.
During the last visit, we noticed that the family commenced building the floor of the house. The roof is being covered with old tiles, and the floor needs an isolation and inner works. Instead of the usual isolation, Goran wants to place isolation panels, used in refrigerator cars. Bearing in mind that they have already started to improve what the organization provided them, we believe that they will continue to do that, so we decided to prepare the money for the panels. The money which would have to set aside for the panels, the family can use to equip the inner side of the house, and thus fully resolve their housing. Long-term, the family plans to build more greenhouses and buy goats.
We use this opportunity to thank Mile Gosnjic and other friends from the Agriculturist Association Moba, which have helped us by giving the advices, and without whom the selection of the greenhouse would be more difficult. We also thank all the donors, without whose trust and support we wouldn't be able to help this family.

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