August 29, 2013

Great success at Leskovacka rostiljijada

As the Summer draws to a close, we look to the coming Fall and realize it is time to start thinking about Winter. That is why, this weekend, the Chicago branch of Serbs for Serbs, upon the invitation of host Mr. Bosko Jovanovic, attended the Leskovacka Rostiljada in Chicago. This was another opportunity to collect donations for the Antic family to make sure they can move into their new home before winter comes. With every weekend, we are getting closer to Winter as well as closer to our goal of 20,000 euros for the new Antic family home. Now we are $1,500 closer!! 

This was our first time attending the Leskovacka Rostiljada, which is now in it's 3rd year. Mr. Bosko Jovanovic, who is a good friend of Serbs for Serbs, wanted us to be at the event for all three days and make sure more people got to know the work of our charity organization. Throughout the weekend, he even personally walked people over to our booth to introduce us.

It was wonderful meeting many new people and making many new friends for our organization. Many visitors to our booth were deeply moved by the work we do and the people we help. Many stories were shared and much support was given. In all, we were able to raised $1,500 for the Antic family and their new home!

One of the nicest things that we were able to achieve this weekend, in addition to all the donations we received, was all of the new friends and supporters we gained for our organization. The only way we can grow is for more people to get involved. And that is exactly what we gained this weekend. So once again, thank you to all of the guests and donors this weekend, and a special thank you to Mr. Bosko Jovanovic for inviting us to be a part of their festival.

Serbs for Serbs Chicago

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