August 22, 2014

Great help for the Republic of Srpska

Report: Dobrina Kusmuk, Republic of Srpska /BILL/ /TRANSPORT/
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska succesfully conducted another great action for helping the flooded areas by providing dryers for drying the rooms. Thanks above all the donation of the Serbian center in Brisbane, Australia which sent in mid-June the help in the amount of 15.000 AUD (19.958,28 KM), we bought total of 25 dryers Rotek from Vienna, where we found the best offer. The dryers arrived at the end of June, and were delivered during July in Doboj (12), Samac (5), Bijeljina (3), Banja Luka (3) and Prijedor (2).


After analyzing the situation on the field, visits and gained data with consultations with the Serbian center in Brisbane, we concluded that the endangered people need primarily the help in draining the flooded rooms.


The medical centres in the Republic of Srpska appealed that everything needs to be dry prior to the sanation of the rooms and return of the endangered ones.


In order to dry the average house by natural methods it would take up to six months only on sunny and warm weather, which would mean that people could return in November.


For that reason we decided to get the dryers. There weren't enough dryers in the flooded area. Some charity organizations have already begun providing the dryers, but not to Serbs.


The institutions such as Red cross or the state organs have little dryers in their possession, and their criteria for delivery are rigorous. There is a possibility of renting, but most of the flooded can't afford it due to the damage they suffered.


Some of the families decided to return to still moist or wet homes. The people who went to their neighbors or relatives can't stay there and they decide to return to their homes, although their health is endangered there.


Some of them decided to dry the houses by setting the fire inside, although it was forbidden and only conducive to mildew and various bacteria. In this action, as well as in the action of helping Doboj, we received help from the member of the friendly organization, Pavle Maric. He helped us in our search for the best dryers.


Most of the dryers is already delivered. Some of the houses are dryed, so we took the dryers to other houses. One house require about 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the size of the apartment), which means that our action will last for a whole summer and autumn. With the help of the institutions from the Republic of Srpska, we hope that all the endangered ones will be tackled.

List of the families which received dryers:

1. Slavica Starčević (Doboj)
2. Dario Đurić (Doboj)
3. Sanja Sušić (Doboj)
4. Svjetlana Milutinović (Doboj)
5. Mišo Medić (Doboj)
6. Radojka Nikić (Doboj)
7. Simić Veselinka (Doboj)
8. Sandra Ristić (Doboj)
9. Nenad Regojević (Čelinac)
10. Željko Blagojević (Čelinac)
11. Maja Mačkić (Banja Luka)
12. Boro Maletić (Banja Luka)
13. Slavica Maličević (Banja Luka)
14. Smiljka Radanović (Banja Luka)
15. Goran Mijatović (Banja Luka)
16. Davor Ponjević (Banja Luka)
17. Novica Babić (Banja Luka)
18. Danijel Šurlan (Banja Luka)
19. Čedo Mijatović (Banja Luka)
20. Dragan Milisavić (Banja Luka)
21. Branko Zorić (Banja Luka)
22. Čedo Mitrić (Banja Luka)
23. Ilija Popović (Banja Luka)
24. Radovan Milinković (Banja Luka)
25. Aleksandar Bekić (Banja Luka)
26. Porodica Došenović (Prijedor)
27. Babić Ognjen (Šamac)
28. Velislav Mišuran (Bijeljina)

During the delivery of the dryers we checked whether the families need something else that they can't provide by themselves. Therefore, we planned the next actions for the flooded areas, above all in furniture and construction material.


Due to large area we couldn't have commenced the action without the help of the friends of the organization who took the devices, delivered them to the families, explained how to use it, checked and finally took them to another place.


We use this opportunity to thank many people who waisted their spare time in this action. We also thank the priesthood of the Serbian Orthodox Church who helped us several times, as well as our donors in Australia who enabled this action.  

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