January 21, 2015

Great help for small school in Vrsac

Report: SFS Belgrade /BILL/ /PHOTO GALLERY/
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs delivered a large donation to a small school "Branko Radunkovic - Will does wonders" from Vrsac. This school supports children from 3 - 7 years in their education and schooling. Also, school with its professional staff helps parents who can not afford to pay profesional help for their developementaly disabled children. Worth of this donation was 249.075 dinars, that included setting heating system for the entaire school.


Heating system is connected to Vrsac's gas network, and that means a pleasant stay for parents and children throughtout year. Last preparations of interior are being done, so this school chould welcome new groups of children in October.


One of the groups from small school in Vrsac (September 2013.)


Zoran Vucetic (left), director of the small school "BrankoRadunkovic - Will does wonders" and the priest Nedeljko Vasiljevic who gives extencive logistical and spiritual assistance to all volunteers who are involved in work round this school.



Charity organization Serbs for Serbs invites all donors and relevant gouvermental institutions to help providing this school with necessary learning material, equipment, so teachers could work with children. Contact e-mail malaskolavrsac@gmail.com  

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