May 21, 2014

Great help arrives from Chicago
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Chicago organized on Sunday, May 18, in the bookstore Bubamara (Ladybird) in Chicago charity evening, on which they raised donations for the endangered areas in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska hit by the natural disaster. We raised $ 13.448, but the help is going to be even greater in the forthcoming period. The team of Radio and Television of Serbia (video) attended the event, as well as local ABC 7 Television.

Donations in USA and Canada:

PayPal (USA): (indicating “fight against the floods”) -
Checking acct info (USA) Domestic wires: 121000248 Acct# 5765278378
International wires: WFBIUS6S Bank Name: Wellsfargo NA. Address:420 MONTGOMERY STREET, SAN FRANCISCO,CA. 94163.
Mail donation: PO Box 34206 Chicago, IL. 60634 USA.


Serbs from Chicago for their people Serbs from Chicago showed solidarity with their suffering people in the flooded Serbia. Serbs gathered in great number in the bookstore “Ladybird”, and raised the significant sum, which will be sent to Serbia through the organization Serbs for Serbs.The citizens of Serbia in Chicago and their friends showed great interest in helping the victims of floods in Serbia.

The owners of the bookstore, Biljana Miljkovic and dr Jovan Cupic, were very pleased by the number of people who answered the appeal.

The help is being raised through churches and monasteries in Chicago, after the appeal from the Diocese of New Gracanica and Midwestern America.

The organizer of the charity evening was Petko Petrovic. He said that for SfS it was important to organize the evening, so that people could donate money by themselves, and to offer common support to people in Serbia.

Zelimirka Lalusic, president of the SfS in USA and Canada, said that she was proud that so many people from Chicago opened their hearts and donated their money. Svetlana Petrovic said that each town in Serbia is important, because people in USA have relatives there. The Serbian Consulate in Chicago opened special account for raising help for the endangered people on Friday.

Consul General Dejan Radulovic said that money can be donated through the PayPal account. During the charity evening in the bookstore “Ladybird”, the visitors raised $ 9.000 in two hours. The events in Serbia draw the attention of the American media, so ABC reported directly from the charity evening.

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