April 08, 2012

Serbs for Serbs fundraising event in LA

June 26, 1991…for most of you that day doesn’t mean much but it brings horrible memories for me. It was right before my 11th birthday when the war in Yugoslavia broke out. Over 140,000 people lost their lives in this fight to defend their integrity, to protect their family and to save their children from what was to come. Additionally, some 2.5 million people were displaced or immigrated. The war tore Yugoslavia into pieces and it did not stop there. Fathers and sons lost their lives on the front lines and mothers and daughter lost each other. In the end children were the one who suffered the most: they accounted for approximately 40% of war victims and those lucky enough to survive had to face the new challenge of growing up in the worst of conditions.

The most tragic and innocent of any war’s victims, are undoubtedly the children. Becoming a parent myself made me realize that parents do in fact live their entire life to better their children’s lives. This makes it very difficult to imagine these children growing in the aftermath of war. If all of us together can help at least one more child in need we will make the world a better place. In the honor of those children and their families I am hosting a fundraiser for the charity organization called “Serbs for Serbs" that is benefiting impoverished children and their families.

Fundraiser will be held on Saturday, April 21st at 7PM (Social Room @ 10560 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90024). Admission ticket is $25 per person (paid at the door by check/cash). Ticket includes hosted bar, great entertainment and silent auction with cool/edgy items. A 100% of net donations collected during this event will benefit impoverished children. All donations are tax deductible and receipts will be provided. Checks should be made to “Serbs for Serbs”.

SFS organization works with numerous countries in Europe as well as USA to ensure the well-being of disadvantaged Serbian children all over the region. This organization responds to emergency situations, some of which are beyond the indigenous coping capacity. They ensure the survival, protection, and well-being of significant numbers of children. They help communities, care for war-traumatized children, provide rehabilitation and health care, water and sanitation systems, and most of all empower families to become self-sufficient citizens.

In the past 7 years SFS was able to help over 260 families, 1000 children and strengthen local organizations with over $273,000 in donations.

There are many non-profitable charity organizations all over the world but due to the unnecessary administration, misinformation and slow decision making many children do not receive the help they need. Unlike others, SFS has formed a direct link between donors and families. SFS directly visits families and delivers targeted aid to them. This nonprofit organization does not have political, partisan or religious affiliations. In fact their model is fairly simple. They are extremely transparent and all of their collected and delivered donations are publicized on their website www.serbsforserbs.org. Every donor and donation is listed; every expense backed by receipts and all the information about families and projects is available to everyone.

Serbs for Serbs tries to revive the spiritless energy of the 3.5 million Serbs in Diaspora as well as all good people throughout the world with minimal, but constant monthly donations that will provide life-saving supplies for these children.

No donation is too small. No love is too big. No child should ever be left behind.

They need your help. They need your attention. They need your action.

Please RSVP to our Facebook event page “Children are our future fundraiser” or via phone 310-972-1246

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs

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