October 29, 2012

Fraternal action for Ćurguz family

On Friday, October 12, Charity action Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska conducted another sucessful action in a row. We visited 13-member family Ćurguz from the village Motike near Banja Luka for the first time, together with the fraternal organizations Serbian Society Zadužbina from Slovenija, and the organization Sabranje Baštionik from Banja Luka.
Family Ćurguz consists of the parents Drago and Duška and eleven children: Dragana (18), Dragan (16), Nada (15), Gordana (14), Mirjana (13), Dejan (10), Luka (8), Đorđe (6), Goran (5), Aleksandar (2) and the youngest Miroslav who is a year old. The house in which they live, a donation from the municipality, is nearly finished, but the biggest problem lies in a fact that the house is not equiped. There are only a stove and several chairs in the house, so they were forced to sleep on the floors.
The priority in the action was to equip the house, due to the coming winter. The only income of the family is a child benefit, because the father Drago was fired from a firm he used to work in, and he is unemployed ever since. 
We provided 499 KM for this action, and we decided to get a refrigerator for the family, while Zadužbina and Sabranje Baštionik donated 440 KM and provided three beds and some groceries for the family. We use this opportunity to adress the local authorities, which need to take care of the families such as Ćurguz, in order to resolve such cases in a systematic manner. Although great donations lead to the solution of the housing problem, it only solves one of the problems. The main problem for family Ćurguz is the lack of a constant income on a monthly basis.
Our organization will continue to help the families with a lot of children.
With faith in God!
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs

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