May 30, 2012

For the Resurrection on Kosmet

The Easter action on Kosovo and Metohija, conducted this year, had more spiritual than material character. In the scope of the action, we donated 15 icons, given to us by our friends of the organization International public fund of the unity of Orthodox nations. Besides that, we visited two families, and agreed to help them in the future.
We started the action in Gračanica, where we attended the morning liturgy, and then met our friend Mirel from Switzerland, who is using his photos to collect the money for the Serbs on Kosovo and Metohija.
Our first stop was Staro Gracko, the village which would probably be unknown, if it wasn't for the terrible event. On July 23 1999, near the village, 14 inhabitants were brutally murdered during the harvest. That left consequences on all segments of life of the inhabitants. The first family we visited and gave the icon was the Živić family. Ljubica Živić lost two sons during the bloody harvest, and her third son died soon after that. She now lives with two daughters in law, Sonja and Vesna, and seven grandchildren. In a short conversation with these women, whom we met in our previous actions, we found out that life in the village is difficult, and that the Albanians started buying the houses in a village that was once entirely Serbian.
The next family we visit and left the icon, was the family of Radojica Stojanović, whom we also helped in one of the previous actions. Radojica lost his father in the bloody harvest, but despite that, he didn't leave his village, and he now lives there with his wife and two sons.
The last family we visited was the family of Jelena Cvejić. Jelena lost her father Ljubiša in the bloody harvest, and a few months ago she also lost her husband, so now she has to take care of her three sons – Dragiša, Aleksandar and Nikola alone. We have also helped the family in the previous actions, and this time we were discussing the future help.
Before we left the village, and continued towards Brezovica, we donated one of the icons to the teacher Zoran Ćirković Uča, as an expression of a gratitude for his help in the actions. On our way to Brezovica, we stoped by at Lipljane, where we visited the church of Presentation of the Virgin and the church of Flora and Damjan.
The family we visited on Brezovica was the family Tanasijević from the village Berevce in the Štrpce municipality. The family consists of father Slaviša, mother Jelena and four children – Jovana (13), Ivana (10), Tijana (8) and Jovan (5). During our previous action, in January, we agreed to commence the action of renovation and building of their house, since they only had walls. The first part of the renovation – sucessfully finished with the help of the Serbian club from New York – consisted of the building a bathroom. During this visit, we agreed to start building a roof, and then finish other necessary works on the house.
After Brezovica we went to Prizren and visited little Milica, the only Serbian child in the town. We met Milica and her mother Evica in front of the church of Bogorodica Ljeviška, in order to give them the icon.
Our next destination was Đakovica, a “forbidden town” for the Serbs. The only Serbian oasis in an almost purely Albanian town is the monastery of the Dormition of the Theotokos, with four Serbian ladies living there. We couldn't stay long, so we used the oportunity to talk to these ladies, who always welcome us, and who are happy to receive a visit.
We continued our journey towards the monastery Visoki Dečani, where we met father Isaija, who is in charge of the charity work in the brotherhood of the monastery. We donated money for the help in buying the trailer for cultivator to family Stolić from Velika Hoča. A few months ago, the Stolićs lost their horse in a fire, and they used him to work. Thanks to the monks from Dečani and the benefactors from the US, a cultivator and tiller was bought for the family, so that they could continue the work, and provide themselves.
Our next destination was the village Drenovac, half way between Peć and Klina. The first Serbian returnee family, which came back into the village that was totally destroyed, was the family of Ranko Bogićević. He used to be an official of the Klina municipality, and he returned to Drenovac with his wife. Another twelwe families returned after him. Ranko and his wife have four children – Vladimir (25), Aleksandra (21), Mirjana (19) and Slobodan (17). Three children are excellent students in central Serbia, and the youngest is in a high school. Ranko is currently unemployed, although he was assured that he would get a job in the Klina municipality. Therefor, he can't finance the schooling of his children, so we promised to help him pay the rate for schooling.
The last destination on our journey was the village Osojane near Istok. Gabrijel Tot, our friend, welcomed us in the village, and helped us to deliver the icons to the inhabitants. One of the icons was donated to Gabrijel and his family, wife Vanja, and children Anđela (13), Nevena (10) and Olivera (8).
The next family in Osojane we visited was the family Lacmanović, consisting of Cvetko, his wife and three sons. We delivered the icon to the youngest son Toplica (13) whom we found at home.
Family of Raško Đurić is next on our list. This family gained another member since our last visit, so now there are five of them – Raško, his wife Ivana and three daughters Ivona (4), Lana (1) and the youngest Tea, borne a month ago. We gave them the icon, and then visited the family of Zoran Repanović, who lives with his wife Jelena and three children, Petar (6), Nikolina (2) and Luka (1).
The last family on our way was the family of Zvonko Lazić, who lives with his wife and three children: Anastasija (8), Aleksandar (6) and Tomica (2).
After we said good bye to Gabrijel, we moved to Kosovska Mitrovica, through Drenica, once a second Sveta Gora, and recently the stronghold of the terrorists, almost “cleaned” from Serbs. We couldn't deliver three icons, so we left them to our friend Mirel, who will give them to the users of public kitchens in Kosovsko pomoravlje.
No surrender!
With faith in God
Đorđe Bojović

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