November 15, 2015

Following St. Sava’s paths on Holy Mount Athos
At the end of October, members of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS stayed on Mount Athos and took the opportunity to visit a number of monasteries and sanctuaries. A revisit to the Great Lavra Hilandar was definitely the most significant part of our stay. The monastery brotherhood hosted us in a brotherly manner and during our stay, we agreed on the future co-operation on the charity and spiritual agenda. During the stay on Mount Athos, representatives of the organization Serbs for Serbs visited Hilandar, and the monasteries of Esphigmenou, Iviron, Cell of St. Sava in Karyes, the Sketes of St. Andrew and St. Basil, and the Protaton Cathedral, where the icon of Axion Esti, the most saintly icon of the whole monastic state, is kept. Prior to arrival at Mount Athos, we went on pilgrimage to the Tomb of St. Demetrios, Catacombs of Saint John and the Temple of Saint Gregory Palamas in Thessaloniki.
Serbs for Serbs together with Father Kirilo in front of Hilandar Monastery
Hilandar Monastery – vine of St. Simeon
Tower of King Milutin
Capital town of Mount Athos - Karyes
Skete of St. Andrew in Karyes
Port of Iviron Monastery
Iviron Monastery – old church
Dafni port
View from the ferry
In front of Temple of Saint Gregory in Thessaloniki

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