November 04, 2017

Folklore Group Soko from Chicago for SfS

The Soko folklore festival is a celebration of these children’s desire to keep Serbian tradition, heritage and customs alive in the US. In hosting this event, the money raised is used for maintenance of their traditional folklore costumes and growth of the folklore group.

This time, the children and their families decided to do more with the money they raised, and made the decision to donate a part of their proceeds to Serbs for Serbs. Thus, the Soko folklore group donated $350 to Serbs for Serbs to invest into Serbian children and their families in the Balkans.

The Soko families should be proud that their children are not only keeping Serbian traditions alive in the Diaspora, but they are also remembering their brothers and sisters in Serbia as well. We at Serbs for Serbs are grateful for this generous donation and would like to thank these children for their warm hearted gesture.

Serbs for Serbs Chicago

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