June 26, 2016

First “Trojka” tournament in Switzeland!

The world has no borders for the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs! For the first time in Switzerland, the sports-charity tournament Trojka iz Bloka was held in Romont! 54 participants led to 2,578 Swiss Francs of donations! On the occasion, people from all parts of Switzerland gathered to support this action. Many of them traveled hundreds of kilometers to participate in the first Trojka iz Bloka. There were participants from Romont, Basel, Zurich, Reinach, Winterthur, Luzern, Ticino, Lausanne and many other places, even Munich and Linz! The fifth season of the tournament opened the door of the EuropeanUnion, NewYork, and now the heart of Europe – Switzerland! In the country with long and rich tradition and remarkable touristic offer, the Trojka iz Bloka showed its magic, its mission, and won the hearts of the Swiss.


This Trojka iz Bloka was supported by Petar Aleksic, who was present at the tournament and thus made the event even more special. Petar Aleksic is the head coach of the Swiss national basketball team and the coach of BC Fribourg Olympic, double crown, Cup and Championship winners!


At the first such event in Switzerland, there were 54 participants. The finals saw 10 best among them. However, since two participants had the same score, there had to be a third round and then Predrag Andric was a bit better than Petar Aleksic and won the first trophy in Switzerland. Third place went to Dejan Radovic from Zurich.


At the end of this 5-hour-action, everybody present at the sports hall in Romont could sample delicious home-made cevapi! We would like to thank everyone for participating and supporting the idea. We would also like to inform you that there have been suggestions to repeat the Trojka iz Bloka again this year, but you will be informed about it in due time.


Greetings from Switzerland! There’s no giving up! Children are our future!


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