August 17, 2015

First “Trojka iz Bloka” in Mladenovac

On Friday, July 31, starting at 7PM, another successful “Trojka iz Bloka” was held at Keni’s basketball courts in the May 25 housing development, in Mladenovac. Despite the bad weather and heavy rain two hours before the contest, numerous Mladenovac residents came to support this sports-charity event. The tournament started with the performance of the national anthem of the Republic of Serbia “Boze Pravde”, and after that people were addressed by the representative of the “Trojka iz Bloka” project, Milos Simovic, who thanked all guests for responding in large numbers and filling the bleachers of Keni’s court. Great fun was ensured by young and popular rap musicians from Belgrade, Uncle Joe, known as Ujak Djordje, and Rene, as well as the official DJ of the most famous rap group “THC la Familija” and the “Trojka iz Bloka” Tournament, Sale L, and the best basketball freestyler in Europe, Nemanja Tricky Blazic.

Baskeball players of KK “BB Basket”

We owe big support and thanks to the basketball club “BB Basket” and their coach Boris Bosnic from Mladenovac, without whom the tournament on Friday evening would not be the same. There were 65 contestants who entered for the contest, and the most successful were Novak Radovanovic with 20 points (3rd place), Bosko Preradovic with 21 points (2nd place) and the winner of the tournament, Dusan Milanovic, with 22 points.

The best basketball freestyler in Europe, NEMANJA TRICKY BLAZIC

Participation fees, donations and the charity boutique raised 37,710 Dinars, and after adding 84,000 Dinars donated by the sponsors of the tournament, the total sum reaches the fantastic 121,710 Dinars. We also owe big gratitude to the portal for doing the live broadcast of the tournament for the first time especially for this occasion, through their live stream program, and also to Dragan Ivanovic Keni, who provided his basketball courts.

Also, we extend our gratitude to the official sponsors of the tournament:

- – 7.000 Dinars
- Makovica AD – 10,000 Dinars + food and drinks for participants of the tournament
- Tini Auto – 7,500 Dinars
- Lokacija doo (Mladenovac Shopping Center) – 10,000 Dinars
- Pin doo – 7,000 Dinars
- STKR Sipa – 7,000 Dinars
- Dascara Restaurant – 10,000 Dinars
- SUR Carvaggio – 7,000 Dinars
- Jezero Restaurant – 7,000 Dinars
- Kotex promet – 7,500 Dinars

We also wish to thank our proud donors:
- SPTR Grand BT – 2,000 Dinars
- dentist’s office Miletic – 2,000 Dinars

Young rapper from Mladenovac, Rene

Young popular Belgrade rapper, UJKA DJORDJE

You can take a look at the photos showing part of the atmosphere on the official Facebook page of the sports-charity “Trojka iz Bloka” project! Mladenovac, thank you!

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