July 26, 2015

First “Trojka iz bloka” in Kupinik

On Sunday July 19 2015 the southern Banat showed that it bears for a reason a nickname “the heart of a hero”. The second half of the tournament in fast shooting of three-pointer “Trojka iz bloka” was successfully finished in Kupinik – the village of 130 permanent residents gathered over 200 people on the field, it had 70 participants applied and collected 64.410 dinars! The rule that the biggest pearl lies in the smallest shell can be applied to Kupnik – one of the smallest villages in Vojvodina and one of the poorest municipalities in Serbia collected more money than far bigger and wealthier towns we visited!

The energy on the tournament in Kupinik was intensified by the fact that the last gathering was organized 12 years ago on the occasion of the village slava of Nativity. The oldest inhabitants couldn’t hide their gratitude and enthusiasm due to our tournament. They came to support, have fun with the young, try some of the specialties, and to see and feel the magic of “Trojka iz bloka”! The tournament commenced when the official DJ of “Trojka iz bloka” Sale L played the anthem “God of Justice”. Everyone stood up and turned towards the flag which was hanging on the basketball field. Afterwards, the gathered crowd was addressed by Mladen Matijasevic before the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and Mr. Branko Latkovic before the Local Community Kupinik.

Entire Kupinik engaged for this “Trojka iz bloka”. Everyone contributed a little and we gained a lot – from the support of the City of Vrsac and Plandiste Municipality to the local associations and businessmen. The Hunting Association “Jastreb” prepared extraordinary venison stew, the Fishery Association “Grgec” fish stew, the “Krajina” tavern provided electricity, tables, plates, parasols and other necessary items, the “Moja voda” factory from Vrsac donated bottled water, nice women from Kupinik made cookies that smelled wonderfully, and the “Maslacak” store donated refreshments for the gathered crowd. All the products were for sale, and people would place the money in the charity box of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs. The “Antena” Radio was calling for days prior to the tournament people to come and join the noble mission of “Trojka iz bloka” which in Kupinik consists of renovating the local medical center! Thank God, there are no socially disadvantaged multiple families in this village, so we decided to renovate the medical center, which would mean the most to children who are our future, but also to the oldest who are our glorious and honorable past!

Our brethren and friends from one of the most popular rap groups in Serbia THC La Familija really tried and performed three spectacles during the last three weeks. They started in the Neimar Park in their area in Belgrade, where thanks to the friends and neighbours we “made a show” as they like to call it. Banatski Karlovac on the feast of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul where Stefan’s ancestors are from followed, and it finished in Kupinik where Bore’s family is from. Big family of “Trojka iz bloka” became bigger with these two wonderful places in southern Banat. Bore and Stefan, and Sale L with their energy, effort and selfless dedication made three perfect tournaments and showed everyone how much their family and the mission of “Trojka iz bloka” means to them. They provided space, support, music and verses, and it all came back to them in multiple ways. They also performed in Kupinik with their hit – the anthem of the sport representations of Serbia – Play and Win. As always, a young seminarian, rapper and a humanitarian Uncle Dzo was with them, and he brought back the gathered people into distant times by reminding them of the legendary goalkeeper of the Red Star Miloje with his hit “Win Miloje”. Another song performed by Uncle Dzo was a touching song about the hero of the Serbian aviation Colonel Milenko Pavlovic who was boldly killed in the unequal struggle against the criminal NATO aggressor in 1999.

The best shooters at the tournament in Kupinik were Ivan Postin – first place (won the trophy “Trojka iz bloka” and a gold medal), the second place and a silver medal went to Nemanja Borozan and the third place and bronze went to Mr Branko Latkovic, one of the most responsible for the organization of the tournament. Both the first and the second tournament in southern Banat were perfectly organized! We collected in total over 140.000 dinars in both tournaments. The great heart of southern Banat, heroic and fraternal! These two places will remain in the best memory, as well as the desire to see each other again next year. It is almost sure! Until then, you can enjoy the photos at our photo gallery “Trojka iz bloka”.

Be the part of “Trojka iz bloka”!

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