May 15, 2014

First “Trojka” in Gornji Milanovac
The first annual sport-charity tournament in kicking three-pointers “Trojka iz bloka” has been successfully held on Saturday, May 10 in Gornji Milanovac, on the basketball field of the Gymnasium Takovski ustanak. The sunny day gathered over 2.000 people on the fields, and the friends of the tournament from other cities were also present. In the competition of over 150 participants in the qualifications, 10 of them singled out, and the winning trophy went to Aleksandar Bosnjak, who scored 12 three-pointers.

The runner-up was Pavle Pavlovic, while Pavle Trifunovic won the third place. The common victory of all who were present on the sport-charity and cultural event was the financial help we collected. The six-member family Markovic from the village Drenova near Gornji Milanovac already received a bathroom, while we will commence the building of the bathroom for the seven-member family Cosovic from the village Pranjani just after the tournament.

On Saturday, in just a couple of hours of tournament, we collected 78.050 dinars. Before the tournament, students and high school pupils from Gornji Milanovac collected 290.610 dinars. The sport-charity day ended in a charity party in a local club, on which 10.810 dinars were collected. Therefore, the total amount collected was 379.470 dinars. 

In the following months, the inhabitants of Gornji Milanovac will have sufficient topics to talk about, because the day of the tournament, thanks to the organizers of this great charity project, was a family day with extensive sport, cultural-musical and educational programme. The organizers decided to host the Orthodox-Sport Society Holy Serbia, founded by the famous Serbian basketball player and Vice-president of the Basketball Association of Serbia Dejan Tomasevic, who was born in Gornji Milanovac. 

The day started by the Holy Liturgy in the church of St. Trojica, attended by the kids from Holy Serbia. After that, in the church parochy home, Dejan Tomasevic held a lecture with deacon Vladimir Vuleta on the subject of Orthodoxy and sport. Then all visitors gathered on the fields of the gymnasium. The local valleyball and footbal club played against Dejan’s Society, and the winners and prominent individuals received diplomas. 

Charity tournament Trojka iz bloka was opened in 13 h. One of the organizers of the tournament Stefan Lazic addressed the audience, as well as Igor Rasula, president of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs. Dragan Arsic on behalf of the Cultural center and Milomir Jankovic on behalf of the Sport Association of Gornji Milanovac used the opportunity to thank everyone for the organization of such a great project in their town. The closing speech belonged to Dejan Tomasevic and diakon Vladimir Vuleta, who symbolicaly officially opened the tournament by throwing the ball into the basket. 

As we stated, the day had finished by organizing the charity party with the help of local DJs, known as Partymakers. Until the next year and new tournament, we should sum the impressions of this day, to follow the progress of works at families Markovic and Cosovic, and to wish good luck and support the organizing of tournaments in other towns. We thank again everyone who helped in holding the manifestation. 

On this occasion, we wish to express special gratitude to all of our donors and sponsors who supported the realization of the project. The list of the donors and sponsors follows:

Nisava – Gadzin Han, Nis – 7.000 dinars
OMV gas station Gornji Milanovac – 7.000 dinars
GM Converting Ltd. – 10.000 dinars
Roloflex Ltd. – 7.000 dinars
Sasa Ltd. – 7.000 dinars
Nela market Ltd. – 7.000 dinars
Milojko Ltd. – 7.000 dinars
Eko Pak Ltd. – 7.000 dinars
Dan - D Ltd. – 7.000 dinars
Flint Group Balkan Ltd. – 12.500 dinars
“Express photo” – 7.000 dinars
Bakery Bojan – 7.000 dinars
„Maksmil“ Ltd. – 10.000 dinars
4 Somuna – 7.000 dinars
ОТР “Cipelici” – 7.000 dinars
Craft Shop “Kovacevic” – 7.000 dinars
Printing Office RP Ltd. – 10.000 dinars
“Forma” – 10.000 dinars
Norvegian house Ltd. – 7.000 dinars
Ni Maco Ltd. – 10.000 dinars
Craft Shop “Fino” – 7.000 dinars
Metalmont Ltd. – 7.000 dinars
RVD Metal Ltd. – 10.000 dinars
Miskovic Ltd. – 7.000 dinars
Auto house Arko Ltd. – 10.000 dinars
Inter-Plet construction Ltd. – 7.000 dinars
Aleksandar Lucic – 8.000 dinars
Kumovi Ltd. – 7.000 dinars
Tehno Car Ltd. – 7.000 dinars
Cafe confectionery and “Stari krojac” – 7.000 dinars

„Neven – komerc“ Ltd. – water heater of 80 l
Enterijer stil – bathroom sanitary facilities
Profix Ltd. – toilet and washbasin
“Stosic“ – bathroom equipment in the amount of 8.000 dinars
Pet plus prom Ltd. – sponsorship in PVC joinery
Printing Office “Lenex” – promo material for the tournament
Gold Tower Trade Ltd. – promo material for the tournament
“Mass” Ltd. – 4 m3 of sand, 10 sacks of cement, armature framework and transportation of material
Balkan expres – technical support of the tournament
Peperino – technical support of the tournament
KD 24 S – technical support of the tournament
Bakery “Tapa Tapa”- technical support of the tournament Cultural Center Gornji Milanovac – technical support of the tournament Sport Association Gornji Milanovac – technical support of the tournament
Agi Pasta Away – technical support of the tournament

Luka Nemanjic – 600 dinars
Julijana Lazic – 2.000 dinars
Anastasija Misic – 400 dinars
Anonymous – 1.000 dinars
Lazar Marjanovic – 500 dinars
Hosts – 2.000 dinars
Cana Lazic – 2.000 dinars
Mladen Grbic – 500 dinars
Zoran Glisovic – 2.000 dinars
Ljubisa Drinjakovic – 3.000 dinars
Velibor Vasovic – 1.000 dinars
Milos Djokic – 400 dinars
Dragana Alempijevic – 40 EUR
Taxi and Craft Shop “Zlatni kolac” – 3.000 dinars
Djomla plocica – 470 dinars
Marija Tanaskovic – 600 dinars
Tatjana Vuksanovic – 1.000 dinars
Nikola Lazic – 2.000 dinars
Vladimir Dasic – 1.000 dinars
Ljubomir Perisic – 5.000 dinars
Anonymous – 5.000 dinars
Jovana Jugovic – 1.000 dinars
Lazar Vasic – 2.000 dinars
Gojko Stefanovic – 2.000 dinars
Dragan Jevtovic – 1.000 dinars
Cafe bar Cuba – 1.000 dinars
Magazine Spoji – 2.000 dinars
Sandwich bar Zvonce – 5.000 dinars
Enmon Ltd. – bathroom sanitary facilities in the amount of 5.000 dinars
Kej Komerc Ltd. – bathroom sanitary facilities
Planet computers – 1.000 dinars

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