January 12, 2016

First Christmas tournament in table tennis

Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs made sure to spend the second day of Christmas in the spirit of this great and joyful Christian holiday, i.e. to spend some of their spare time, along with a great number of merciful people, on those to whom our Lord dedicated His entire earthly life – brothers and sisters who meet various problems on a daily level – of material but also existential nature. On Firday, January 8, on the Feast of the Convocation of the Most Holy Theotokos in Borca we organized a small sport, but also charitable convocation – Christmas charity tournament in table tennis in which there were over 40 contestants and we collected 23,800 RSD.

The organizers of the tournament were the members of the organization board of the sport-charity project “Trojka iz bloka” and a great friend of our organization Aleksa Jovanov in whose club “Kao nekad” we held the competition. The best indicator that philanthropy is the essence of Christmas is precisely the fact that without any media campaign we held more than successful tournament in Borca with the aim to provide the funds from the applications and allocate them to the traditional Christmas action our organization has been conducting for several years, within which we are helping the Serbian families in Kosovo and Metohija and Krajina.

Within the cheerful, motivated and fierce competition three competitors were the most successful – the bronze medal winner Zoran Jevtic, the “silver” Milinko Micevic and the first-placed Dusko Petrovic who won the brightest medal and the victorious trophy. However, the biggest victory of that day, won by joint effort of all tournament participants was the collected sum of 23,800 RSD!

Finalists of the tournament: Milinko Micevic, Dusko Petrovic and Zoran Jevtic

In the first place, we thank the Lord our God who gathered us all with a single goal – the aim to help our neighbors wherever they are. We also thank from our hearts to all the participants and donors who contributed with their presence and donations to the universal action of collecting funds for helping the disadvantaged compatriots. We wish them joy, love and peace in their hearts until the next socializing in Borca.

Peace of God

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