January 22, 2015

Finished project for the Pudar family

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs successfully finished another big project whose goal was enlarging a family home, precisely building and completely furnishing a new storey with a bathroom for Pudar’s, a family of eight members from the village Buno near Mostar in Herzegovina. The members of this family are parents Jovan and Aleksandra with the children Aleksandar (9), Leonardo (9), Andjelo (3) and the baby Lorenzo, as well as the uncle Dalibor and grandmother Mladenka. The total value of the project was 14,335 KM. You can take a further look at the photo report of the construction work on the house of the Pudar family.

First time at Pudar’s family

Serbs for Serbs with family Pudar at the beginning of the project

Received construction material prior to the begging of the project

Taking the roof of the one storey house

Building a new storey where the youngest Pudar’s will have their bedrooms

Building a roof construction

Putting the gutter on the new Pudar’s home

Working on the energy and utilities installations

Putting the tiles in the new bathroom

Thankful for help- Aleksandro, Andjelo and Leonardo Pudar

Working on the laminate flooring

A new bathroom

A current look of the new family home

Happy and satisfied multimember family Pudar

We are inviting all of the people of a good will to continue supporting the work of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and in that way help the big number of the children to whom the help is more than needed.

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