March 18, 2016

Finished houses to families in Lopare

Within one of its biggest projects – FIGHT AGAINST FLOODS, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs finished the action of help to the families with children who were hit by the floods and landslides during 2014 on the territory of the Lopare municipality in the Republic of Srpska. We finished the works in building three houses to families Mitrovic, Gasic and Jokic. The total amount of help is 78,296 BAM.

The landslide completely disabled the life in the family Mitrovic house

These three families had lost their homes due to landslides which caused great damage to the Lopare inhabitants. The first family we helped was family Mitrovic.

Setting the grounds for building a new house to family Mitrovic

Milosavka Mitrovic is a single mother of four children: Perica (19), Stojanka (17), Dragana (10) and Drazen (8). They were forced to move out from the family house which was damaged during the mudslide, but it didn’t collapse but the landslide had created the cracks and made huge damage after which it wasn’t safe to continue living in the house. The family temporary moved into the local Veterinarian Station and hoped to meet the conditions to get back to normal life.

Current state of the family Mitrovic house

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs fulfilled their hope and built them a house on the lot provided by the Lopare municipality, and the amount spent on building was 23,257.60 BAM. We continued working on the new house of family Mitrovic during 2015 – the façade and interior were finished. The following action has been spent 10,430.18 BAM and the house is prepared for occupancy. In 2015, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs delivered the keys of the new home to family Mitrovic.

Serbs for Serbs with family Mitrovic in its new home
The Lopare municipality plans to bring the water to the house in 2016 in order to finally move in the family and bring it back to normal life. The total amount spent on building the house to family Mitrovic is 33,787.78 BAM.
Family Gasic in front of their old storey house in 2014
The second family we helped was family Gasic. It lived in the storey house which was filled in by mud during the landslide due to the heavy terrain slope. It was possible to build a new home upon the existing storey, so we went from words to deeds.
Works on building a new house store
Current outlook of the family Gasic house
The multiple children family consists of father Cvijetin and his wife Marina with six children, of whom two daughters are married. Dijana (24), Risto (19), Vinka (15) and Ivana (10) still live with their parents. Cvijetin’s parents Diko and Pelka and Cvijetin’s brother Risto are living under the same roof. Risto has two children – Danijel (12) and Blazenko (11).
The youngest members of the Gasic family next to the material for inner plastering
Until 2015 the house was built and covered with the investment of 13,857.03 BAM, while in 2015 we bought carpentry and plastering material for the inner walls in the amount of 4,284.30 BAM. The multiple children, a hardworking family will take care for the remaining works on their new house.
Marina Gasic with her children in front of her upgraded house
The total amount spent on building the house to family Gasic is 18,141.33 BAM.
Cracked walls on the family Jokic house in 2014
The third family to which the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs built a house is family Jokic from the Piperi village. The landslides of May 2014 triggered the hill above their house and moved the house. The house wasn’t pulled down, but the geological commission established that family Jokic had to leave its home.
Built ground for the new Jokic house
Works in 2014 on the new family Jokic house
Father Sreten and his wife Ljuba are living with three children: Danijela (20), Nedja (18) and Marko (13). Unfortunately, Sreten has trichinosis. Apart from his children, he is taking care of his mother-in-law who has Parkison’s disease. During the year the family had a death case – after the severe disease, Sreten’s mother died. Family Jokic lives in poverty without any income.
Current outlook of the new family Jokic house
Until 2015 we invested 15,150 BAM into building a new home for family Jokic, and in 2015 we continued working and covered the house, set the carpentry and finished the inner works. During 2015 we spent additional 11,216.46 BAM. Now family Jokic finally has a house in which it can live peacefully.
Joint photo with family Jokic in front of new house
The total amount spent on building the house to family Jokic is 26,366.46 BAM.
Delivery of acknowledgments to the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs
In the middle of last year the Lopare municipality delivered the acknowledgements to Charity organization Serbs for Serbs for helping in remediation of damage after the floods.
Acknowledgments of Lopare municipality
Families Mitrovic, Gasic and Jokic extend their gratitude to donors worldwide who were with them in the most difficult time and provided the new roofs over their heads, and to good people who had helped them in finishing the works.


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