January 25, 2013

Finished actions in northern Macedonia

During the last several months, we managed to finish the action of helping the families from Macedonia (Old Serbia), visited by our activists during January 2012. They planned the action which was distributed with the help of the friends of the organization from Kumanovo, and included the families Nikolic from Staro Nagoricane, Trajkovic and Djordjevic from Tabanovci.
After providing the help for family Nikolic from Staro Nagoricane in May, we continued in helping families Trajkovic and Djordjevic. We bought water heater and dining table with chairs for the four-member family Trajkovic. Apart from the help provided by organization, our friends from Kumanovo provided on their own accord, large amount of clothing.
According to the arrangement made during the January visit, we completely equiped the bathroom in the house of the Djordjevic family, who thanked all the donors who still remember the Serbs in Macedonia (Old Serbia).
We expect greater engagement in Old Serbia in the forthcoming year because the circumstances force us to react. Therefore, we use this opportunity to thank all the friends of the organization from Kumanovo, without whom the conduction of the action wouldn’t be possible.

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