September 27, 2010

Film''The Serbs- people who disappeared''

See the premiere of the film in USA: ''The Serbs- people who disappeared''

Time: 10-01-2010 @ 7:00pm

Location :  SND , 5782 N Elston Ave,Chicago,IL 60646

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''The Serbs- people who disappeared'' is a documentary film that presents vivid evidence of the tragic demographic reality of the Serbian state and people, evidence that reveals the tragic and sad truth that the Serbian people on the brink of its historic disappearance.


Serbia is today a country of age, the country where the nursing moan louder, and children all quieter noise and silent. Serbia is now shriveled old woman, clan, they were hung, shooting, and was bombed by enemies and false friends, but also from their own children ... Full past century is a kind of historical retrospective of destruction of all the Serbian people through genocide carried out against it, wars in which the Serbian people was forced to defend the most basic things - the right to life. Serbia is a country that has in the past century has passed through eight wars, paying the price of more than four million lives.

Inherent cause of the disappearance of the Serbian people and the processes of assimilation that are more than other people here in the region fell to the ground. And how through history as a result of further violence and political processes, and in modern times, which is economically motivated and caused by coercion.

Most terrible wounds on the body of the Serbian people, however, the killing of unborn offspring in the future. Visceral infanticide each year to take a city the size of nepovrat Novi Sad. According to the Serbian in this statisitici infamously held a record among European nations.

Modern world is globalizing, perfidy and brutality of the rule of profit, the modern social diseases such as drug addiction, alcoholism and perversion of human nature, social engineering, reshaping the identity of the people, the simplification of consumer mass as general framework within which to found our society and that further enough pressure already weak and the tired people. Individualization and spiritual impoverishment of the already thin interrupted connections that maintain the human community. Decades of departure from the orthodox faith and the removal of Christ and His Church is a key cause of the weaknesses of our people that we pay too high price.

These and other facts testify to members of the spiritual and intellectual elite who are their scientific attitudes, knowledge and research results offered to the public: His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irenaeus, Mark Sandalj, founder of the Foundation of Friends of God, academics Vasilije Krestić and Smilja Avramov, Radovan Tvrdišić from Dveri Srpske (Doors Serbian), archpriest-Stavrophor Dr. Milos Vesin, publicist Biljana Spasic, a professor at the University of Cambridge Nebojsa Radic, professor Marko Mladenovic, priests Željko Latinović and Branko Ćurčin, and so-called ordinary people from the people, peasants, martyrs, victims ...

Documentary film''The Serbs - the people who disappeared'' project ''Friend of the Foundation of God''and its film production, motivated by a desire to warn him of the tragic reality of our people and the need to point the way to overcome it, the repentance and return to Christ through His Church as the only way to re-achieve spiritual values as a foundation of existence and survival of each and the Serbian people.

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