October 19, 2012

Family Vuckovic received tractor

Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Republic of Srpska commenced an action of buying a tractor for family Vuckovic from the village Koprivna, near Prijedor. The family consists of father Drasko, his wife and six children, daughters Anastasija (10), Dajana (8) and Jelena (6), and sons Dragan (7) and twins Stefan and Aleksandar (3). Drasko’s brother Mirko lives with the family as well. We visited family Vuckovic for the first time within the Christmas action, when we delivered presents to the children and talked about further help for this family.
At firts, we planned to buy the family a cow, but since Drasko didn’t manage to build a new stable and provide the conditions for breeding a cow, we decided to buy a tractor. It will help Drasko in cultivation, and in bringing the firewood from the forest, which will enable him to earn money for his family.
After having considered several tractors, we decided to buy a used one, LTZ VLADIMIREC T-40 A, manufactured in 1984. The price was 5.500 KM ($3,000), and the previous owner Djordje enabled us to pay the tractor in several installments. On September 25 we paid the first installment in the amount of 1.880 KM ($ 1,000). The purchase is already begining to pay off, since Drasko already got several pigs for the winter, and the land is ready for autumnsowingwheat.
We call upon all the donors to help conducting this action, in order to finish this project successfully.
With faith in God!
Charity organization
Serbs for Serbs
Republic of Srpska

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