April 23, 2014

Family Teodorovic in sweet home

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in cooperation with the Center for social work of the Lopare municipality and Mr. Vasilije Obrenovic, succesfully finished the works on the inside of the house for a six-member family Teodorovic from Bobetino Brdo in the Republic of Srpska, in the total amount of 3.446 EUR. The largest part of the sum was raised in the charity evening in Canada at the end of 2013.


Thanks to the donation of the Lopare municipality three years ago, the family was moved into a newly built house, which wasn't even plastered nor isolated. There was no electricity nor water in the house.


After several months of works, conducted by the workers from the nearby villages, the inside of the family house is unrecognizable. There are new windows, outer and inner door, all the walls in the kitchen, hall and children's rooms are plastered, and there are tiles and a laminate.



Thanks to the engagement of Mr. Obrenovic, the house now has electricity. The last segment of the works will be the building of the well for potable water, and bringing the water into the house, with additional works on finishing the bathroom.






At the end of the visit, Mr. Obrenovic received a letter of thanks from the youngest family members.


In the hope that we will be able to provide the elementary conditions for a life in the 21st century, with the help of the Lopare municipality, SfS donors and other charity organizations, we express our gratitude to all people of good will for their help in realization of this project so far.  

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