April 17, 2011

Family Ćodo in their home

When we first found out about the difficult situation of the single mother and her three children 3 years ago, we couldn't assume that we won't need much money to help them solve their problems. Ranka Ćodo remained a widow, paying a rent in a weekend cottage. Her daughter Milica found her father dead, so she had to start visiting a psychologist due to a trauma.

The twins Marko and Miloš have just started going to school. The mother is a person with limited capabilities, and she couldn't pay the rent any more. After that they moved to a partly ruined barrack full of rats.

Our first step consisted in animating the state and local services in order to find the family a suitable accommodation. They had the status of refugee and displaced persons, so the state was willing to pay them the rent up to 200 KM. We just needed to find a place near the health center due to their problems. In cooperation with the Center for social services we found a little flat at a retiree, so we managed to solve his problem as well. We moved the family and organized various actions to gather money and material help (clothes, furniture). Ranka had her retirement and child benefit, so they had decent conditions.

We visited the family from time to time and gave Ranka advices. We managed to initiate the question of the property of their family in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to sell the estate and permanently resolve their housing problem. We also frequently visited local services and asked for help, but without results.

Mr. Tuševljak from the Ministry called a few days ago, and notified me that the Ćode family received an apartment belonging to the Ministry, for a life usage, which they could loose if they sell the property in the Federation. We went to check out the apartment with Ranka. It turned out it wasn't in a great condition, and it needed painting and several repairs. We contacted the principal of the municipality which provided the workers and gave her 100 KM in order to buy the necesarry material. The Utility company sent a truck with the workers to move the family.

She bought the paint and managed to repair all the damages in the apartment. Milica and Ranka cleaned everything. The children and an old couple (new neighbors) helped in moving the family. During the process, we found out that the Ministry decreased the compensation for the rent, so Ranka and her children were only months away from the return in the barrack.

Milica now has her own bedroom for the first time, and Miloš and Marko don't have to sleep in the same bed anymore. The rooms are nice and alight. A two-room flat is more than they hoped for.

A terrible period is over. They have enough to live. We will be there for them, and we can only hope that we will be able to settle all the families on our list.

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