May 08, 2016

Family Milunovic soon with five children
Representatives of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS from Belgrade visited prior to Easter family Milunovic in their home in the Belgrade suburb Umka. This hard working family consists of father Bojan (38) and mother Ruzica (36) and children Luka (7), Marija (5), Marta (4) and Lazar (2), and soon the family will become richer for another member since mother Ruzica is in eight month of pregnancy.
МFamily Milunovic with father Makarije, the prior of Fenek monastery

Until four years ago, family Milunovic lived as subtenants in Zarkovo with two children, but thanks to their parents, good people and God’s help they bought the lot in Umka and started building a family house in which the six of them live now with another member coming soon. Father Bojan is employed in City Transport Company as a driver and mother Ruzica is working as a religious teacher in the Elementary school “United Nations” in Cerak, and they are also receiving the parents’ benefit of 14,000 RSD on their fourth child. Unfortunately, they don’t have the right to child benefit because their total income exceeds the foreseen limit by 27 RSD.
Current look of the Milutinovic house attic

Due to great expenses for building and equipping the house and rapid expansion of the family, they were unable to equip the attic and build children’s rooms and a small bathroom. For the time being, the six of them are placed in two rooms, and the seventh member of the family will have to get his/her place.
For the Serbian cradles to become full
Bojan in conversation with the representatives of the organization Serbs for Serbs
Future space for the stairs in the attic

During the conversation with the representatives of our organization, family Milunovic asked us to help them get the construction material for finishing the building and equipping the attic in the house for two children’s rooms and a bathroom. In this manner, the children would get additional space for living and studying and the parents would get great help and support in further rising of their family. Father Bojan would conduct all the necessary construction works on his own and with the help of his friends if needed.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs is appealing to all its friends, members and donors of the organization to SUPPORT the realization of this project in order to encourage this and numerous other families to expand and strengthen their families, especially in these difficult times when each year in Serbia approximately 40,000 people die more than it is born.

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