December 16, 2015

Family Milicevic moved to Omoljica
Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS helped the nine-member family Milicevic from the Dreznik village near Uzice whom we first visited at the end of April. The house in which the Milicevic family lived most likely wouldn’t endure the following winter. With the help of the good people from Omoljica near Pancevo we came to an idea to move them into the premises of the Football club “Mladost”, envisaged for the cashier of the club. The organization SERBS FOR SERBS built another two children’s rooms, the total surface area being 45 m2 with three double-decker beds with mattresses, three big closets, refrigerator, electric stove, kitchen table with chairs, washing machine, worktable, set new joinery, kitchen and laminate, renovated the bathroom, painted all rooms, provided stove and wood-burning stove as well as electric radiators for the children’s rooms. The total value of help in this big action was 15.255 EUR.

Sports-charity tournament in quick three-point shots “Trojka iz bloka” was held on April, 30 in Uzice. It was the very beginning of the best season so far – in the town on Djetinja hundred residents of Uzice in their best mood were shooting three-pointers with us, and over ten proud sponsors, donors and technical sponsors supported the mission of “Trojka iz bloka” – we collected 122.770 RSD and the tournament left the unforgettable impression.

The residents of Uzice were gathered to help the nine-member family Milicevic from the Dreznik village near Uzice, whom the representatives and organizers of the tournament in Uzice found in the unfavorable living conditions, in the house which could have collapsed at any moment, without electricity and water, and with a several-months-old baby.

We wrote about family Milicevic on the website of “Trojka iz bloka” and we believed that we would succeed in resolving their problems, from renovating the bathroom which was the basic task of sports-charity project, to enabling the family to work, develop and live on their own.

Father Zoran and his wife Mirjana with Marko, Milena, Milica, Milan, Milomir and Mirko lived without any child benefit, with miserable social income, without job, without compensation for care of old and almost immovable grandma who is 90 years old, and with the electricity debts that cannot be paid, unresolved property relations, e.g. the simple question of water usage. The family was completely forgotten and the social service in charge didn’t even know that young Mirko was born.
Difficult living conditions of family Milicevic in Dreznik

“Trojka iz bloka” brought the hope into this house that good fellow citizens can help in getting the better place in this world and that friends can help in resolving the electricity debt of several tens of thousands of dinars. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. The institutions in charge showed no sign whatsoever of the will to cooperate and urgently help the disadvantaged people. The electricity debt was increasing despite the fact the electricity was cut off, and Zoran was over and over again getting subpoenas under the direct threat of going to prison because he had had similar problems with electricity debt in the past.

However, Zoran was stronger than that. From day to day he is doing heavy physical work and managing to feed his family and looking into the future with hope. The hope for Milicevic was born where we all expected it the least. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs immediately saw the seriousness of the situation of family Milicevic. We acted in Dreznik according to the motto of the organization – from words to works. The plans were changing, and the realization was the issue of days. The first plan was to renovate, and afterwards we came up with building the new house with all legal-property relations and documentation complications that go along with that. Having in mind the complete social exclusion of family Milicevic we perceived them as a big and urgent project.

The help soon arrived from Pancevo – father Branko Bozic with the blessing of His Eminence Bishop of Banat Nikanor called the members of the organization Serbs for Serbs and proposed the very original and bold idea. Father Branko, extraordinarily high professional basketball player in his youth, is a great friend of the sport-charity project “Trojka iz bloka” and he is following the work and advancement of the noble mission. His incredible idea is the brightest example of fraternal love and true sport spirit.
Residential section of FC “Mladost” in Omoljica (August, 2015)

As a respectable descendant of the plain from the Omoljica village near Pancevo, he came to an idea to give the family Milicevic part of the house of the local village club of FC “Mladost” which has the status of virtually being the family club of all the residents of Omoljica, in which the family could live in peace. In exchange, father Zoran would take the place of the cashier of the club. Except for the apartment, they would get water, electricity, washing powder, and some land to cultivate, according to their needs and possibilities. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs felt the magnitude of father Branko’s idea. The noble idea ennobled everyone who has heard of it, and everyone went to work.

After the agreement with the club, the family Milicevic received a proposal to move from their unsafe and inadequate home into new and better home which was far away, but was among the people who were waiting for them with open arms and open hearts. Father Zoran and mother Mirjana decided to go on a long journey and see the house in which they hoped to find happiness. This is exactly what happened. The beautiful area around the stadium of FC “Mladost” just overwhelms the heart. National park is 100 m from the house, there are beautiful alleys, several football, volleyball and handball fields and good and honest people on behalf of the club.

The idea of father Branko became alive. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs completely renovated part of the house and built another 40 m2 for two big and nice children’s rooms.
Outer façade set on the house

Windows, doors, double-decker beds, closets, worktables, stoves, washing machine, new bathroom and a kitchen table, were soon waiting the Milicevic family thanks to the numerous donors worldwide. A large family went on a journey and with many tears it said goodbye to the old area and came to the new one.
Father Branko is blessing the moving of family Milicevic into their new home

On the great feast of Presentation of the Immaculate Mother of God on December, 4 this big and happy family moved into their new home. Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs were waiting for them with the representatives of FC “Mladost” and with father Branko who blessed their arrival and their new home.
New children’s room for two older girls with closets
New children’s room envisioned for boys with three beds and a big closet

The Pancevo media came to follow this big charity event and to tell the world the happy news. Big charity event in which we proved once again that children are our future! Because of them this seemingly unfeasible project was conducted – from the good people of Uzice who gathered at the end of April to help, to the good people of Omoljica who received nine new, dear neighbors at the beginning of December. Good people of Omoljica will accept the hardworking and honest Milicevic family members, and the good people of Uzice won’t forget the injustice in which family Milicevic lived – their dear fellow citizens will always remain their fellow citizens, and in the future, with the good will, the current insolvable problems on their land in Dreznik, still remembering children’s voices, will be solved…
New room envisioned for the parents and the baby
New kitchen elements, electric stove and water installations placed
Dining room with refrigerator, bad for the grandma, table and wood-burning stove
Completely renovated bathroom with new tiles, installations and sanitary elements

Life goes on – young Milicevic family members are ahead of new schools with many new friends. Father Zoran is ahead of much responsible work, and all of them are ahead of much time to adjust to the new circumstances. From electricity, water and bathroom to the sport field in front of their house which represents a luxury and an extraordinary event for all of them.
Members of the Milicevic family, new inhabitants of Omoljica near Pancevo

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs will do everything possible to help the Milicevic family get along in the new surroundings in the best possible way and never again in the future find itself in a similar situation.


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