June 24, 2012

Family Malović from Sokolac

Report: SFS Republic of Srpska /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILL/
The Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the family of Kosa and Drago Malović, who have eleven children, of which five daughters and four sons live with them: Milka (16), Ivana (15), Božidar (13), Vladan (10), Radan (8), Jelena (7), Ljiljana (5), Mihajlo (3) and Marina (2). They receive the child benefit, but they live in difficult conditions in a house built by the municipality Sokolac. Although the house is new, there is nothing in the house which would make their life easier. The father lost a regular job he had at DI Romanija, and the mother has always been dedicated to the children, so now they are unable to provide elementary conditions for life.
The family doesn't have enough wardrobe nor the groceries. They want us to get them a wood-burning stove, because the winter lasts for 8 months on Romanija and Jahorina where they live. Their furniture consists of: the table, two sitting benches and a couple of beds which are falling apart. They need everything, but above all food and a stove.
We provided groceries in the amount of 198 KM which will solve part of their problems. On the day we visited them, their electricity was cut off, because of the debt they can't return. The younger children were happy to see us. They said that they would like to arrange their rooms, while the older ones were thinking of getting chickens and pigs which they could grow.
We were happy to get some of the joy into that home, and hoping that we would soon be able to accomplish some of their wishes. May God help us!

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