June 26, 2015

Family Hrvacanin received a cow

At the beginning of June the representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs conducted another successful action in a row in the Republic of Srpska. On this occasion we helped the six-member family Hrvacanin from the settlement Petrov Gaj which is approximately 15 km away from Prijedor. The Hrvacanin family consists of the father Djuro (62), mother Ljiljana (46) and their four children: Bojana (26), Mitar (22), Djurdjina (20) and Miroslav (16). After we assured that it was a hard-working family, and that they have conditions to raise a cow, we decided to buy them one. The family chose a cow, and we paid 2.400 KM, which constituted the costs of the action.

The family used to have several cows, but they were living as subtenants and after the owner came back, they had to sell everything to buy the land and make the house in which they live today. Father Djuro is the only employed. He is working in the Railway, but most of his salary is spent for paying off the loan which they had to take in order to finish the house. In the end they only have 220 KM left, and the rest of the money they need usually comes from a wage, although it is very difficult to find a job in villages. The children are very diligent, the oldest Bojana graduated from the college, Mitar and Dobrina finished high school, while the youngest Miroslav finished elementary school this year, and he should attend high school in Prijedor in the next school year.

The family asked for help from our organization, because they lacked the money to start farming of raising stock despite the necessary conditions. They have enough land around the house, the well and a stable, and also the tractor with appliances, but they lack the money for oil and seeds, so great part of their land is unused. They emphasized they needed a cow to have enough food for themselves, and earn money by selling milk and dairy products.

A few days before we bought a cow, the sow farrowed and thus increased the livestock population of the family. The family was very happy after they received a cow, but there was also uncertainty over the first milking.

In the end we communicate the greetings from family Hrvacanin and we send an appeal to all the friends and donors of our organization to get involved in the action of raising money for helping this and other socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families.

May God help us as we work!
SFS Republic of Srpska

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