December 03, 2014

Family Gluhovic received tractor from SfS

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska donated at the end of August an used tractor (8.000 KM) to family Gluhovic. Nenad and Maja Gluhovic have nine children: Bogdan (16), Nevena (14), Suzana (12), Gorica (10), Dragoljub and Dusan (8 – twins), Dusica (5), Snezana (3) and Jovana (4 months old). The family lives in the village Bozine, about 10 km away from Rogatica. They own 3 cows and 30 sheep, and 4 ha of land. They are cultivating it on their own, without machines, and they are also working for a wage at their neighbors’.

Nenad’s mother is living with them. She has managed to cultivate 200 kg of beans on her own. Several years ago the Association of mothers with four and more children included Maja into the programme of the Ministry for sport and youth of the Republic of Srpska, and they built them a house next to the old one. The house looks nice, but they only sleep in it, because there is no water in the village. During the day they are still staying at grandmother’s house and use rainwater or water from the well.

Family Gluhovic contacted us because their son Bogdan is finishing his schooling (for a welder), and he decided to stay on their land. He is accompanying his father in working for a wage. In most of the cases they don’t receive money, but the neighbors help them with their tractors.

During our first visit we agreed to buy a tractor for Bogdan because he could work without anyone’s help for the family, and he could also work on other peoples’ land and thus earn money. That could help Bogdan to stay on his land and later sustain his family. Charity organization Serbs for Serbs bought a tractor for Bogdan for 8.000 KM.

The family found a tractor in the next village. In order to get it as cheap as possible, they didn’t ask for a trailer or any other appliance, because they want to earn for that. However, the tyres on the tractor were bad, so they asked us to buy a new ones, which we did and paid 730 KM for them.

During our second visit we were able to see the donation we provided thanks to our donors. On this occasion we helped a child who had to grow up very quickly.

The children are overjoyed with the tractor, and whenever they have the opportunity or Bogdan is not using it, the younger children are pretending to drive it. Bogdan and his family thank all the people of good will who fulfilled their dreams and enabled Bogdan to provide a job for himself.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs continues with great projects accross the Republic of Srpska and in Herzegovina. We call upon all the donors worldwide to SUPPORT all future actions of our organization.  

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