May 22, 2013

Dimitrijevic will get a bathroom soon

On the last day of April, Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited a twelve-member family Dimitrijevic in the municipality Nova Varos, in Raska area. The family never had water nor the bathroom in their house, so complete material for building and equiping the bathroom was provided during the last year within the project „Three-pointer from the blocks 2013“. We used this opportunity to deliver them help in the amount of 33.000 dinars (Serbian Brothers Help from Canada), which will allow them to speed up the forthcoming construction works.

We picked up the oldest son Predrag from his job, and soon arrived to their house. The material for the bathroom was provided earlier, and they will use the sunny weather for construction.

In one of the previous visits, we provided part of the material for the sanation of the barn. During the summer, the family will build the bathroom and fix the barn. The oldest son, apart from his job, wants to earn extra money by mowing the neighbor’s lawns, but he needs diesel motor for the mower, which costs about 250 EUR.

We call upon all the friends and donors of our organization to support our work in the future, so that we could provide bigger and more concrete help for the endangered Serbian families with more children accross the Balkan.  

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