December 07, 2012

Family Balović got their new house!

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs has successfully finished its biggest project – building a new family house for the six-member family Balović from the village Rajetiće near Novi Pazar. During the last eight months, the organization Serbs for Serbs has financed the building of the house in cooperation with the Serbian cultural society from Geneve, and the Charity organization Stara Raška from Belgrade in the amount of 17,620 EUR, which is located at the so-called dividing line between central Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija. 
On Sunday, December 2, 18 members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs went from Belgrade to Rajetiće to celebrate the magnificent event. The organization issued a thank note to Mr. Zvonko Milanović, dedicated to the Electrodistribution Novi Pazar, which set the new pillars and brought electricity to the new Balović house.
The parents and the children Sara, Kristina, Verica and Veljko are delighted with their new home, which will keep them from the cold winter, which is present here four to six months per year.
Moving the family into the house was the most important, but not the last phase in building the house. Building a little house around the water pump, which should bring the water into the house represents the most important segment of the works ahead of us. The works will be continued during the winter, depending on the weather conditions.
Unfortunately, this is only one family which our organization managed to put under the new roof. There are dozens of families in the village and nearby, who need charity and housing. The number across Serbia and Balkan grows up to several hundred thousand. We hope that, with God's help, and the help of good people worldwide, we can gather Serbian nation around these and similar charity projects in the future.
Children are our future!

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