September 19, 2013

Family Antic moved into a new home

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs
, with the help of its donors and friends, managed to carry through another big project in 2013 – moving a six-member family Antic into a new home, in Golemo selo near Vranje. After many years spent in an object which is falling apart, family, and above all, the youngest members, can live in a new home without fear that the roof might come down, or that the fire could destroy what is left of their home.

Family Antic in front of their new home

Thanks to the donors of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, the first installment for the house has been paid (EUR 2.000 and 500.000 dinars out of EUR 15.000). The seller of the house, Bosko Ljubic, decided to allow the family to move into the house, although the last installment would be paid in a month. It was very important for the family to get a new roof over their heads before the fall, so that they could prepare for the winter.

The family moved in during several days. All the things well preserved, and suitable for the future usage have been moved.

The old house in which the family lived is unfortunately only one of tens of thousends other houses in which children live and grow up. Miljana (16), Aleksandar (15), Stefana (8) and Dimitrije (6) carried their things and left their old house forever.

Regardless of the new house, the family will keep in its ownership several acres of fertile land and forest, which it will continue to use.

Thanks to Novica Cvetkovic, a friend of the organization who provided logistics, Dusan Djordjevic, a journalist who commenced the action of help through his texts, and Bosko Ljubic, an owner of the house, the family was warmly welcomed into its new home.

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs will continue to pay the rest of the installments, and within a month the documentation should be in the hands of the family. The house and the estate can't be sold in the next period. After paying out the house, we will try to provide agricultural machinery, and household appliances for a normal and decent life.

We use this opportunity to express gratitude to the donors and people of good will in the name of the Antic family members. Our organization often uses the expression: „children are our future“, and we will continue to do everything in our power to help even greater number of families and their children, because we truly believe that we contribute to the brighter future for the Serbian nation.  

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