October 10, 2012

Babovic and Malovic received aid

In the humanitarian action „Let us help the children to embark on a carefree new pupils victory“ Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited Babić and Malović families. Thanks to the good people, we managed to provide the most necessary things such as satchels and satchel equipment, clothing and footwear. We delivered new clothing and footwear to family Malović, and satchel equipment and groceries to family Babić. The children were very happy. They gathered around the car impatiently, waiting to try the things if they fit.
The Babić family was thrilled, because the parents worried about the school necessities. They no longer have such concern. It is really great when the brothers are united.
We spent $250 on this action. We thank all the donors, friends and members of our charity organization who supported us, and who mean to continue doing so.

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